Progettazione, realizzazione e produzione componenti in plastica.


The engineering stage is one of the most important in the entire process and, for us, is one of the specialisations which most defines us.

We have established our way of operating by investing resources and time into developing a highly evolved service which can provide answers and find solutions to the most complex problems.

Specific consultancy

Our internal office takes care of following the customer through all the design stages, providing specific consultancy on all production techniques, materials and mould creation. With this approach, the incidence of unforeseen problems is reduced to a minimum, ensuring that production times and expected quality meet the requirements set out in the design stage.

In particular we can take care of:

  • Design and 3D drawing
  • Realisation of any prototypes needed
  • Design and realisation of moulds
  • Packaging layout design
  • Delivery of finished products in accordance with the customer's times and requirements

360° technical office

The technical office also takes care of relations with customers throughout all the stages involved in designing and making moulds:

  • Participation in the initial project studies, identifying any critical aspects which the end product may have and taking care of drawing up all the necessary documentation for product acceptance testing.
  • Execution of analysis aimed at identifying factors involved in the injection moulding technologies: from the choice of raw materials, to seeking the right cost balance all the way up to moulded product functionality.