Progettazione, realizzazione e produzione componenti in plastica.


From an artisanal workshop to a technologically highly-evolved company.

Our story starts out as that of a small artisanal workshop which, in the mid-1960s, focused mainly on processing plastics for the furniture sector. It was the dawn of the plastics era and the market was booming. Using a single press, all types of processing were carried out, with an approach which was still very artisanal, with material dosing operations still carried out by hand. Back then, even more so than today, an in-depth knowledge of the materials being used and an ability to assess the characteristics of each project well were fundamental aspects.

Over 40 years of history and investments in machinery, internal organisation and process certification.

This phase was followed by a decisive step: the transformation of the workshop in to a fully-fledged company. Evolution was linked to certain strategic investments. First of all our headquarters, which in the early 1970s moved to the vicinity of Castelfiorentino and expanded. Secondly in technologies which started to become more precise, efficient and suitable for supplying significant quantities of items.