Progettazione, realizzazione e produzione componenti in plastica.

Plastic component moulding.
Technologies. Skills. Organisation.
For over 50 years.


Plastic moulding for all market sectors

We began life as a small workshop producing components for the furniture sector in the early 1960s. In the following decades we extended our business activities to other areas, such as the household goods, home appliances, motor sports, industrial and automotive sectors, where we have achieved a high level of specialization acquiring customers such as Piaggio, Dab and Inalfa.

The moulding department, equipped with a machine pool of 22 presses ranging from 100 to 1800 tons, can be put to use for the most varied market sectors. We have many years' experience of partnerships in the automotive sector but we also collaborate with important businesses operating in the packaging & packing and household goods sectors. With work carried out on large and small components.

For us, an ethical approach to our work, people and the environment is a cornerstone in our overall vision. 'I Care' is our claim, the slogan which best expresses the way we work. This philosophy also covers the investments made in our headquarters, so as to reduce its environmental impact to a minimum and make it almost self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements.


From a small artisanal workshop, specialised in components for the furniture sector, to a highly-evolved company with professional personnel and technologies which can serve all market sectors.

The origins of the company lie in the early 1960s when it started out as an artisanal workshop specialised in the production of components for the furniture sector. Investments in personnel, training and technologies characterised the evolution of our company over the following decades, opening up new markets and creating successful long-term partnerships, above all in the automotive sector.  

Consultancy — Design — Prototyping

Highly-evolved services to support plastic moulding operations.