Progettazione, realizzazione e produzione componenti in plastica.



On the techniques and solutions which are most suitable for reaching the customer objectives in terms of appearance, durability and flexibility.


With an internal office dedicated to supporting the customer or, if required, to designing a specific component from scratch. The design office also takes care of identifying any possible improvements to a project received, based on processing techniques and the characteristics of the materials used.


This is one of the most delicate phases which is why we take care of it with our internal team of experts. The decisive step in taking a project up to the prototype stage and then onto the end product. A step which allows us to foresee any realisation difficulties and solve them before reaching the prototype stage.


Realisation of prototypes for any new product lines or specific needs. A service which is strictly linked to our experience and knowledge of the materials and techniques needed to create a product.


We also study and design the layout of any packaging to be created ad hoc for new components. An important service especially for guaranteeing the integrity of products and also for optimising shipping costs.


Occurs thanks to our internal organisation and the best technologies available on the market. Observance of the agreed delivery times and the highest quality standards required by the type of project is guaranteed.


In other words, supply based on the customer's real needs. We create an inventory in our warehouses and schedule times, frequency and quantities of components to be delivered for each work order. In this way we don't take up room in the customer's warehouse and we speed up the entire assembly phase.


A fundamental phase which guarantees the quality level of the plastic components supplied and above all allows customers to receive articles which are ready to be used on production and assembly lines.


By this we mean the ability to work in a versatile way, according to the specific needs of the customer, managing to define methods, times and flows tailor-made to meet his needs.